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Laser Hair Treatments

Stimulate your hair follicles for regrowth with advanced laser hair treatments. The laser emits a light that penetrates the hair shaft, reaching down to the root where it stimulates the follicles to produce new hair.

Dermaroller Treatments

If you are considering laser hair treatments, the dermaroller would be the perfect procedure to precede it. This procedure is a safe, minimally invasive solution for preparing the scalp for regrowth treatments.

Scalp Manipulation

This hands-on treatment involves the use of a specially designed tool that sends constant pulses of blood to the scalp. The stimulation helps to encourage hair growth by revitalizing the scalp and encouraging follicle growth.

Scalp Detox

Prepare your scalp for a fresh start. This scalp detox treatment is the perfect way to rid yourself of a nagging itchy and dry scalp. It helps to restore a healthy scalp that is free of build-up, dandruff, and other symptoms.

Customized Hair & Scalp Treatments

We offer customized treatment solutions to provide clients with the best possible care for their hair and scalp. Before treatment, we offer a comprehensive consultation in order to determine what’s best for you in the long run, and to develop a tailored treatment plan based on your needs.

10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair while Dealing with Hairloss

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