If you would like a fantastic hair stylist, try Kateria. She does an absolutely tremendous job in taking care of her clients hair. You don’t have to worry or fret.  She is the best. The hair shines and will grow. The lady loves to nurture hair.

– Mrs. Thorne, Strengthening Treatment Client

Back in 2015, I experienced an unexplainable and immediate massive hair shedding and from that point to this, doctors cannot determine what caused the hair loss. It has suspectedly been agreed that the hair loss was due to the use of a hair product used in my hair by another stylist, but still unconfirmed. This hair loss was very challenging for me as I am licensed in the cosmetology profession myself and have taken very good care of my hair throughout my life, so the sudden hair challenge was heart-wrenching. I have been forced to go natural since 2015, which for some is a great feeling, but for me not so much. During this journey, it was exhausting trying to find a true hair care specialist to take interest in helping get to the root of the issue on how to best proceed with my current hair care situation. Don’t get me wrong, I have encountered great stylists along the way, but it was not style I was in need of, it was hair care for the purpose of restoring my hair health! I have found that in today’s world of hair saloning…yes I said it, we lack hair care practitioners, which we need more of. However, as I continued to pray and struggle through this journey, my niece India McNeill turned me on to Katria, which has been my blessing. I honestly mean Katria is tailored just for me. As a proven hair care interest practitioner, Katria has listened to me in detail. She has researched my situation and has been open to attending my dermatological visits in pursuit of medical hair loss advice. Katria has also taking specific measures to help with the immediate tackling of all hair shampooing techniques to keep the hair from tangling and being pulled out at every encounter. What intrigued me the most about Katria was and still is the fact that she is concerned about that state of my hair and she has developed oils and techniques to help with the restoration of my hair, moreover helping to stabilize the condition of my hair.

– Phyllis, Suffered with Unexplainable Hair Shedding

Katreia has been my hair care specialist for over 20 years. She loves what she does and she cares for your hair and suggest the best treatment and care for your hair. She is always upfront and honest with her clients. She is very understanding and patient and listens to her clients concerns. I thank God for placing Katreia in my life as my hair stylist and true friend. She has been very supportive, uplifting and encouraging as I go through my breast cancer journey. Katreia is caring, humble and a God fearing woman and woman of God. I truly thank God for Kateria.

– Lisa, Cancer Survivor

My hair testimony wow where do I start. Katreia gave me hope, life and rejuvenated my hair. My hair started very weak, short and lifeless. I always did protective styles because I was ashamed of my hair. I really thought my hair can’t grow no more. I was referred to her by her cousin. He said my cousin do hair you should try her out. At first I was thinking my hair can’t grow no more but let me try what do I have to loose. One appointment turned into multiple appointments. Katreia explains each product she’s using in my hair. How it will impact and contribute to healthier hair. Some stylist won’t tell you anything to keep it a secret. Katreia gained my confidence back! My hair is restored, longer and healthier.Also to mentioned she help me control my dandruff battle. Now people think my natural hair is weave lol. She’s a perfectionist at its best. I refer her as a hair healer or growing hands. I truly thank her on so many levels helping me on my hair journey ❤️

– Jennifer, Dry Scalp Treatment Client

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