Diet and Blood Flow for the Hair

Apr 3, 2023 | Hair Care | 0 comments

Some people, because of their genes, have naturally long thick hair. I have found that some people can do almost anything to their hair and still have hair left on their heads. On the other hand, I have seen people with fine or medium fine hair that If they do too much to their hair, it will break easily. Everyone is different when it comes to their hair. I want to share that regardless of how thick, thin, medium fine, long, or short your hair is, diet and exercise make a difference.

One of the things that keep the hair growing nicely is good blood flow through the scalp and body. One of the ways to get the blood flowing through the body is through exercise or massage. Work on making a habit of massaging your scalp. Scalp manipulation is an excellent way to get your blood blowing. That’s one of the reasons our parents back in the day brushed our hair. Do you remember that?

There are also ways you can help stimulate your blood flow through your diet. Food such as seaweed, berries, tomatoes, turmeric, black pepper, kale greens, beets, and nuts helps our blood flow better. While eating and enjoying your food, be intentional by adding some of this food to your diet. You also can look up some other food that I haven’t mentioned. Just have fun eating in a way that will benefit your health while on your Haircare journey.

I also have a list of foods known to help benefit healthy hair. They are salmon, greens, oysters, nuts, tangerines, strawberries, avocados, eggs, fatty fish, leafy green vegetables, and Greek yogurt. These are just a few I have for you to start your haircare journey, especially if your hair has undergone some stress. Stress, such as life, mental stress, physical stress, lack of sleep, and extreme stress, all contribute to our hair not being healthy. I have witnessed different clients change their diet and implement it. Hair vitamins and the treatments I gave them showed results within months of treating their hair. I encourage you to consider your diet and lifestyle while on your healthy haircare journey. Remember to stay peaceful and remove unnecessary stress from your life. Remember, you can slowly change your diet.

I am your Haircare Specialist and Certified Trichologist, Katreia Edmong. Here to serve you to the best of my ability with your hair and scalp journey.


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