What are My Next Step to Scalp Restoration and Hair Regrowth?

Jul 22, 2022 | Hair Care | 0 comments

I’m pretty sure a lot of people have pondered this question. If not this question, a question similar to it. You may be that person that’s mid-age and now beginning to recognize different changes in your body. You don’t move as quickly, and you have to watch your cholesterol, make changes in your diet, and don’t mention menopause. I am 47 years old, and I realize I am not 21. I move more carefully, think about how I eat, and try to exercise. Changes in our health and body can affect our scalp and hair growth.

In my 30s, I noticed my hair was thinning. At that moment, I decided to go all-natural, no more chemicals. My life at that time was busy and stressful. As a stylist, I did the essential things for hair care: a wash, deep conditioner, and style with a trim. You may ask yourself, well, Katreia; you are a licensed stylist; you didn’t know how to treat your thinning area. The answer is no. Even though I was licensed, I wasn’t a certified Hair Loss Specialist at that time. I didn’t know the things I know now. But girl, it’s okay life is a lesson, and we are forever learning. I had to learn to love myself with my imperfections and hair issues. If this is you, let’s take a moment and meditate on this thought. “God made me beautiful, and I love all of me, and no one else likes me. I AM SPECIAL.” Okay, so let’s get back to the chatter in our mind concerning our next steps toward scalp restoration and hair regrowth.

So what do you do? I suggest you find a Hair loss Specialist and a Trichologist and set up a consultation. Trust me, you do your consultation, and you should be able to get some direction with your situation. Moving forward, you will find valuable information concerning their health. Did you know that high blood pressure, thyroid issues or autoimmune disorders, extreme stress, and COVID can cause hair loss? Yes, other things cause hair loss, but you may not know until you talk to a specialist. Also, reaching out to a Specialist will offer you a holistic way to treat your scalp and hair, life habits such as diet, exercise, or other ways to release stress like meditation, prayer, or enjoying a good hobby. 

My whole point is to go ahead and make that decision. Don’t walk this hair and scalp issue by yourself. Set your consultation to find out how to treat your scalp and hair holistically. We are here for you, Nzuri Restoration, your Trichologist Katreia Edmond.


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